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ROEC acts as a first point of contact and provides official representation for an organization or company looking to enter the Romanian market. This is done in a transparent manner, announced accordingly, and involves such elements as targeted commercial research, outreach, administrative and local knowledge support. It is an option for companies seeking to understand better the region or the country before conducting business or opening an official branch in Romania.

ROEC is a very knowledgeable partner and offers business support tailored to your company needs in order to establish a foothold in Romania or Eastern Europe. For each client, we design a customized offer which takes into account client specific needs and interests. We draw on the extensive ROEC skillset to design an individualized service package which can contain one or a selection from the following available options:

  • commercial research (for example, scoping market interest for a certain product);
  • topical analysis (understanding of legal, fiscal, political, and market circumstances);
  • outreach to potential clients, partners, government, or media (establish relations with client/end user, vet potential partners, liaise with central and local authorities, disseminate relevant info to key media channels, generate media coverage);
  • mapping of buying patterns and influences at an industrial enterprise;
  • identification of new market and business opportunities;
  • monitoring of tender announcements;
  • media monitoring on specific issues;
  • organization of site visits;
  • organization of events to increase a company profile;
  • briefings on regional and country specific context, cultural sensitivities, etc;
  • making introductory presentations on company’s behalf to key stakeholders;
  • certified translations of Romanian regulatory documents of interest into English;
  • certified translations of company presentation and products or documents into Romanian;
  • support during visits to Romania by client representatives;
  • local support in preparation of offers and tender documentation to be submitted;
  • targeted due diligence;
  • executive summary, analysis and/or interpretation of main provisions for current and recently adopted laws, secondary and tertiary legislation, Government Decrees (GDs), Emergency Ordinances and political statements.


business-representation-in-romania-support-during-visits-to-romaniaPossible outputs:
  • daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly alerts (legal, policy or commercial focus):;
  • topical research briefs and notes;
  • background reports;
  • briefings;
  • warnings;
  • supporting analysis for “go/no go” investment decisions;
  • decision tree analysis;
  • market studies;
  • opportunity analysis.