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Think Tank Projects

Each year, ROEC chooses a list of priority topics which are of interest to our activity as think tank analysts. All monitoring and analysis is realized at our own initiative (based on the think tank’s own resources) or can be supported by a grant or a sponsorship (in which case, the donor organization/co-sponsor will be specifically stated).

Topics of interest for 2022- 2023:
  • Global energy markets 
  • Economic consequences of Russia’s war on Ukraine
  • Ukraine’s lesson in resilience 
  • EU response to the energy crisis 
  • Romania’s “energy shield”
  • Hydrogen 
  • Alternative fuels in transport
ROEC’s work as an independent think tank performs a public service by:
  • generating knowledge on topics of public interest;
  • enriching the understanding of challenging economic, political and foreign policy issues;
  • engaging in critical examination of current policies and events;
  • shedding light on overlooked topics;
  • offering an alternative view and interpretation of events
  • having a granular view of issues and actors shaping the region;
  • understanding the local mindset, intricacies and distortions.
We achieve this by:
  • producing public policy tools of high value-added;
  • collection and analysis of data;
  • putting a spotlight on gaps, barriers, inefficiencies, mismanagement;
  • providing recommendations and arguments for better policies;
  • heightened awareness on successes, failures and risks;
  • producing original analysis.

To find out how you can support an ongoing project, or for more details on current and future ROEC think tank projects, please contact us at energy[at] in att. of Eugenia Gusilov, Director.