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ROEC works with specialized governmental agencies, commercial services of Embassies as well as directly with Business Development, Procurement, and Public Affairs departments of companies to support their market activities and growth strategies, to learn more about their current and future customers, company’s image/brand awareness, and scope potential new market opportunities. Our experts are well versed in the latest research techniques, have spent thousands of hours reading hundreds of pages to build their areas of expertise, and are dedicated to always find the piece of information that will give our client the competitive advantage. ROEC conducts the time-consuming research, so that our clients can focus on their core business. We have the time and capabilities to think creative solutions, look at a problem from multiple angles, go to extreme lengths to find details nobody has thought of and deliver timely and original ideas, research and business leads.

We work in English, Romanian, Russian and French.



The range of on demand services include (but are not limited to):
  • Research on financing opportunities (tenders, EU funds, open calls, requirements, deadlines);
  • Research and assistance with preparing an application for a tender/grant/call;
  • Monitoring of developments in prospective markets;
  • Research on new business opportunities and prospective clients;
  • Outreach to potential clients or customers;
  • Scouting business ideas (prospects) to invest in;
  • Background checks (specific research on companies and/or persons, in order to verify overall reputation, credibility or business track record);
  • input for business planning;
  • assistance for conducting negotiations;
  • design of marketing and communication strategies
  • organization of stakeholder consultations;
  • media outreach for targeted events/campaigns/products;
  • public relations support (PR);
  • government relations support (GR).
For Romanian companies looking to expand abroad:
  • Research on commercial, legal, political, fiscal provisions in destination markets;
  • Advisory on aspects related to new market entry;
  • Desk research or fact-finding research trips.
For foreign companies looking to invest in Romania:
  • Briefings on the peculiarities of the political, economic and cultural climate;
  • Understanding local ways of doing business (constraints as well as opportunities);
  • Assistance and advice on how to navigate the local human and institutional landscape.