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ROEC specializes in custom-made research and analysis, at finding hard-to-get information and making sense of baffling events, contradictory policies and regulations, surprise decisions, shifting geopolitical circumstances, or changing narratives. The research and analysis we conduct is of substance, persuasive and based on critical thinking. It helps the beneficiary (company, authority, general public) better understand and navigate a complex reality and it can have a:

  • Business/commercial focus
  • Policy focus
  • Academic focus
Briefs: 2-5 pages

These are concise analysis on selected topics of direct relevance to our client’s activity, on demand or written in response to immediate events.

Depending on the topic and target reader, these can be:

  • Research briefs
  • Commercial briefs
  • Policy briefs
  • Executive briefs
Research & Policy papers: 10-20 pages

Complex analytic papers focusing on anything from market developments to regional trends, consequential events etc. These typically include diagnostic analysis and elements of forecast, translated into concise business or policy recommendations.

Depending on the beneficiary, these can take various formats and have different content.

For business clients we offer research on:
  • competitor strategy/pricing
  • new business opportunities (tenders, acquisition targets)
  • new market opportunities for a company/product (identification of potential new customers)
  • financing opportunities (EU funds, open calls, requirements, deadlines)
For policy clients we conduct research on:
  • policy designs and its application in other countries;
  • reform progress in a certain sector;
  • current governmental measures;
  • public perception;
  • policy impact assessment.
For academia:
  • Policy papers on topics of interest (ex: public spending on the energy poor);
  • Research papers on any topic (energy history, policy, market, geopolitics, etc)
Customized reports: 10-50 pages

Case studies, company profiles, project and sector analysis

These are on demand products and can be:

  • Case studies – for business and policy
  • Profiles: country, sector, company or project specific analysis
  • Comparative studies: legislation, policy, taxation, politics affecting the energy sector, in-depth cross country or cross sector analysis, gap analysis
  • Special Reports
Full research or baseline STUDY:  minimum 60 pages

Comprehensive research and analysis of a major topic which can include such elements as diagnostic analysis, economic valuation, forecasts, policy/performance assessment, regulatory analysis, etc. The final product can be a larger market-focused study or a more advanced and comprehensive version of a customized report or it can take any of the following forms:

  • Feasibility or prefeasibility study
  • Impact study
  • Market study
  • Energy outlook
  • Project assessment study/program assessment study
  • Status quo analysis
  • Strategy analysis/policy analysis
  • Scenario analysis

For a sample of various types of ROEC outputs, see our ANALYSIS section. The materials are meant to offer a preview of the type of analysis we do and showcase the type of insight ROEC can provide.



Our clients and partners come from:

  • Business: companies of all sizes, institutional and individual investors.
  • Civil society and fellow research organizations: NGOs, think tanks, other foundations, or research institutes/centers (for partnerships, or expert input for ongoing and future projects).
  • Policy making: ministries, government agencies, parliament, presidency, political parties.
  • International organizations
  • Academia: universities