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ROEC Bucharest Talks

Our think tank is committed to engage the biggest names of our time in meaningful conversation on current affairs topics, put Romania on the map of high-level events, and set the gold standard for Romania’s think tank and academic activity while connecting Bucharest to the global intellectual and business elite of our times.

We believe that education is not done only in schools and universities alone, nor does it end with graduation. Think tanks have a special role to play in fertilizing the public debate with challenging and forward looking ideas, keeping the public connected to the most exciting topics of the hour, and injecting as much expertise in the public debate as possible. We strongly believe in the value added of direct interactions and exchange of ideas with the brightest minds.

PROJECT: Bucharest Talks is a series of events featuring high-profile guest speakers which will be organized by our think tank on an annual basis. The project has following core areas of interest:

  • International relations, foreign policy, political science, contemporary history
  • Energy and economics
  • Business, innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Culture

Each year we plan on inviting several highly influential international experts and organize select events that will bring them in dialogue with the Romanian public.

AIM: stimulate high-quality intellectual debate, expose segments of Romanian society and/or the general public to key thinkers and innovators of our time, bring the most diverse points of view to the fore, expose Romania’s younger generation to high-profile international experts, contribute to the development of a cosmopolitan mindset, and a strong open society.

RESULT: the dividends of engaging top foreign experts for Romanian academia, students, current specialists as well as the wider public can be tremendous. Such interactions can be life-changing. They develop critical thinking, build confidence, connect the older generation of professors or journalists to experts they have never met, and open windows of opportunities for future professional cooperation, with potential transformative effects for Romanian society.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: If you would like to support a future event or the entire #RoecBucharestTalks project, please contact Razvan Alexe, VP Development and Corporate Relations at razvan.alexe[at]

MEDIA PARTNERSHIPS: If you are interested in becoming our media partner for a future event or the entire #RoecBucharestTalks project, please contact us at energy[at]

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