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Decarbonization Policies in South East Europe – Speakers




Mr. Costis Stambolis, Chairman and Executive Director, IENE, Greece

Mr. Costis Stambolis who is the current Chairman and Executive Director of IENE, has a background in Physics and Architecture having studied at the University of London, and the Architectural Association in London from where he holds a Graduate Diploma in Architecture and Energy Studies (AA Dip. Grad). He also holds a professional practice license from the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), and a Masters Degree from the Said Business School, University of Oxford, where he studied “Strategy and Innovation”.

Costis has carried out numerous studies and projects on Renewable Energy Sources in developing countries. He has consulted widely on solar building applications for both private and institutional clients in various European countries. He has worked as a consultant and strategy advisor on natural gas, oil markets and energy security issues for large multinational companies, international organizations and governments.

Costis has lectured widely on energy issues and has organized several national, regional and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He has published several books, conference proceedings, research papers and studies on energy policy, solar energy, RES and energy markets. Among others he is the editor of the “S.E. Europe Energy Outlook (2011,2017, 2022)”, which is considered a basic reference on energy for SE Europe.

Since 2001 he supervises and edits Greece’s foremost energy site and he is a founding partner of the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE). He is a member of the Energy Institute (UK), the International Passive House Association (IPHA), The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). Since 2018 he also serves as a full member of the Greek government’s standing committee on Energy and Climate Change (NECP).



Eugenia Gusilov, Director, Romania Energy Center (ROEC), Romania

Eugenia Gusilov is the director and founder of Romania Energy Center (ROEC) – the first independent English language think tank in the country, specializing in energy, international affairs, regional security, and interdisciplinary area studies. Eugenia authors think tank publications as well as special reports, studies, outlooks, market and price forecasts for public and private entities alike. She worked with NATO, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the World Bank, IFC, European Commission (DG Reform), Romanian government, embassies, companies and NGOs on a variety of topics. She specializes in energy economics, policy, markets, investments and infrastructure. Between 2005 and 2008, Eugenia worked as an analyst for the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in the Department of Political and Strategic Analysis, where she focused on politics and energy in post-soviet countries (Belarus, Ukraine and Russia). Eugenia holds a Master of International Affairs with a concentration in International Energy Management and Policy from Columbia University in New York (2010) and a Certificate in Eastern European and Russian Studies from the Harriman Institute in New York (2011), and a B.A. in European Studies from Bucharest University (2005). Eugenia is a recipient of the Fulbright award (2008-2009, USA).



Mr. Christodoulos (Christos) Dimas, Vice President and Chairman of IENE’s Geopolitics Committee, ΙΕΝΕ, Greece

He studied land surveyor (1972) & civil Engineering (1974), at the National Technical University of Athens. He has managed major projects on energy, industry & infrastructure (Europe, Saudi Arabia, Russia). He was a senior executive and Board member in various businesses and organizations (Petrola Hellas, Petrola International, Hellenic Petroleum, Helpe – Thraki, Trans Balkan, Construction companies, etc.)

Christos Dimas has represented the Greek Ministry of Development on international energy issues and has participated in international conferences with presentations on the transport of oil and gas from Russia, Central Asia and the Caspian Sea to International markets.

Over the years he has held a number of senior positions including: Refinery Project Manager (Petrola Hellas), Project Manager of Latsis Group in Greece, He was the General Technical Director of TBP B.V. (Burgas -Alexandroupolis Oil Pipeline), General Director of TBP B.V. (Burgas -Alexandroupolis Oil Pipeline) Greece and General Manager of Helpe-Thraki SA.

He is Founding Partner of Institute of for Energy South East Europe (IENE) and currently serves as Deputy Chairman of the Institute. He is also Chairman of the Geopolitics & Energy Committee of the Institute.



Dr. Teodor Chirica, Chairman of the Board of Directors Nuclearelectrica, Romania

Teodor Chirica (PhD) is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nuclearelectrica. An engineer with extensive experience in nuclear energy, actively involved in the development of CANDU projects in Romania since the early ’80s, Teodor worked for ISPE, CITON and RENEL, as well as for CANDU Owner Groups. From 1998 Dr. Chirica served in different managerial positions at Nuclearelectrica, a company that he also led as CEO (2005-2009). He also acted as Managing Director of AMEC Nucleare Romania (2009-2013), as CEO of EnergoNuclear – the SPV for Cernavoda Units 3&4 (2013-2017) and as advisor to the CEO of Nuclearelectrica (2017-2019). Mr. Chirica was President of the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM, now called Nuclear Europe) between 2018-2019 and a member of the FORATOM board between 2006-2023. His international experience includes also a year spent with CANDU Owners Group (COG) in Canada (1992-1993), negotiation (for the first time in Romania), on the international nuclear insurance market, of the insurance policies related to Units 1 and 2 of Cernavoda NPP, negotiation with international banks for financing Cernavoda Unit 2, but also with EURATOM, as well as the negotiation of the first Investor Agreement for Units 3 and 4, involving international partnerships, in 2008. He holds a PhD in nuclear sciences from the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, on the management of radioactive waste, focusing on the decommissioning of nuclear installations. He is also one of the founders of the Romanian Atomic Forum – ROMATOM (2000) and was instrumental in affiliating ROMATOM to FORATOM. Teodor Chirica is the honorary president of ROMATOM since 2019 and a Special Advisor to ROEC since 2015.



Octavian-Gheorghe Roșca-Năstase, International Relations Advisor Nuclearelectrica, Romania

Mr. Octavian-Gheorghe Roșca-Năstase started his career within SNN „Nuclearelectrica” SA in 2022. Currently, he holds the position of International Relations Advisor within the Strategic Projects and International Affairs Directorate. Previous work experience includes a position of political officer within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania.




Ramona Moldovan, Deputy General Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Energy, Romania 

Ramona Moldovan is the Deputy General Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Energy. She is a graduate of bachelor and master degrees in political and administrative sciences, with more than 18 years’ experience in the Romanian and Western Balkans governmental businesses and management of public sector related reforms and funding and over 10 years in coordination and management positions in public sector institutions. Over the years she had strategic management positions in the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Investments and European Project and Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation. She is a former employee of World Bank and Ecole Nationale D’ Administration (ENA) where she worked on public administration reform and policy making agenda. Ms Moldovan has long experience on strategic governmental affairs and policy making, planning, coordination and implementation of EU Funds, including National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the management of the relations with International Organisations. In the Ministry of Energy, Ms Moldovan coordinates and contributes to the strategic decision making on the policies and implementation of financing programmes related to green energy and energy efficiency.




Marius Lungu, Policy Officer, Recovery and Resilience Task Force at the European Commission, Romania

Marius Lungu is a Policy Officer in the Recovery and Resilience Task Force, European Commission. A lawyer by education, Marius Lungu has more than 10 years of experience in the energy sector, advising on regulatory and competition issues in Central and South Eastern Europe. He is currently serving as a policy officer in the Recovery and Resilience Task Force at the European Commission, where he oversees the horizontal coordination of technical discussions on energy issues and the REPowerEU initiative. He is also responsible of the energy components of Romania’ Bulgaria’ and Poland’s Recovery and Resilience Plans and their REPowerEU chapters. Prior to joining the Task Force, he worked on competition policy at Directorate General for Competition and the Romanian Competition Council.




Zsuzsa Bereschi, Principal at Horváth, Romania

Zsuzsa Bereschi, Principal at Horváth, has a consulting experience of 15 years, of which over 10 years successfully delivering energy projects in Romania and on international level. She has focused her work on energy transition and sustainability, supporting clients from both the business and private sector.






Bogdan Termegan, Expert, Investments Division, Nuclearelectrica, Romania

Bogdan graduated from the University of Manchester’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering with a first class degree with honours. He co-founded the UAV society there. He now works with Nuclearelectrica as an Expert within the Investments Division and as a Procurement Specialist with RoPower. His work revolves around the supply chain aspects of the SMR project which will be implemented at Doicesti, Romania with particular focus on localization. Bogdan has been developing software projects for 5 years and as part of his 4 years with Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace in Derby, UK he was involved in the certification of the TRENT 7000 long-haul engine for the Airbus A330neo. Therefore, his interests are at the intersection of energy, software and aerospace.




George Satlas, Executive Officer & BoD Member ICGB AD, Bulgaria 

George Satlas is an accomplished professional with a diverse background and extensive expertise in various industries. Currently serving as the Executive Officer and Board Member of ICGB AD, he plays a crucial role in overseeing the operations of the IGB gas pipeline, as the independent transmission system operator. Additionally, Mr. Satlas holds the esteemed position of Vice Chairman of the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria, further highlighting his influential presence in the business community. With a strong educational foundation, George Satlas holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and has complemented his technical expertise with an MBA degree. This unique combination of qualifications allows him to excel in both technical and managerial aspects of his career. His wealth of managerial experience in the financial sector has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of investment principles and real estate management, gained through his involvement in a wide array of projects. Prior to his current roles, Mr. Satlas has held high-ranking executive positions in notable organizations, including the Greek sovereign wealth fund and subsidiaries of all four systemic Greek banks. These esteemed positions have provided him with valuable insights into the intricacies of the financial industry and further honed his leadership abilities. Overall, George Satlas stands as a highly accomplished professional, leveraging his extensive knowledge and expertise to drive success in the energy sector and contribute to the growth of business relations between Greece and Bulgaria.



Ioannis Tamaresis,Financial Manager of all European Affiliate, TERNA Energy, Greece

Mr. Ioannis Tamaresis is a Dipl. Economist with post-graduate studies in Finance & Investment (University of Exeter, U.K) .
Mr. Tamaresis is working in Terna Energy Group since 2008, as Development and Project Finance specialist covering the activities of the Group in CEE, having extensive expertise in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources in CEE Region. His experience spans a wide array of topics on energy such as project development, business planning, investment evaluation, M&As Project Finance and Asset management.
His practice focuses on regulatory issues pertaining to the applicable framework of energy activities with special focus on licensing / permitting issues related to electricity generation from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects. Mr Tamaresis is heavily engaged in legal & Technical due diligence assignments in the context of M&A transactions in the energy sector.




Otilia Nutu, Energy expert, Expert Forum, Romania

Ana Otilia Nutu is energy policy analyst with the think tank Expert Forum (EFOR), Romania. She coordinated research and advocacy projects in the region on energy security and interconnectivity, working with think tankers and researchers from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Georgia, and Bulgaria. One of her key professional interests in the past decade has been the use by Russia of its energy leverage to erode European unity and weaken good governance in individual European states. In Romania, she advocates for a faster decoupling from fossil fuels and for the effective implementation of EU policy in the energy sector, in particular market liberalization and acceleration of infrastructure development to remove barriers to renewable energy. Otilia is an economist and has a Master’s in public policy at the Central European University.



Nikos Sofianos, Energy Consultant, IENE Partner, Member of the Executive Committee of IENE and Chairman of IENE’s RES Committee, Greece

Nikolaos Sofianos worked for IENE for ten years (2007 – 2017) firstly as a Researcher and later as Research Coordinator of the Institute. He is a graduate of the department of History and Philosophy of Science of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens while he holds a master’s degree in Economic Development from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He has carried out extensive research into Renewable Energy Sources and their implementation in SE Europe. He was the Coordinator of the EU funded research project Geofar. His main area of interest is energy policy issues. He participates as a publishing assistant in the “Energy Issues” (IENE Monthly Newsletter) and in the “SE Europe Energy Brief” (a series of newsletters issued by the Institute). In addition, he has written many articles on energy while he has participated as a speaker at numerous conferences, seminars and workshops in Greece and abroad. Since 2016, he participates in the Board of IENE as a partner. Finally, he is currently a permanent external research associate, regularly contributing to the analysis of energy market issues.



Daniela Staicu, Associate Professor, Bucharest University of Economics, Romania

Daniela Staicu (PhD) is an associate professor and researcher at the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages (FABIZ), at the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest. She holds a PhD in social entrepreneurship from the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest (2019). She is currently enrolled in a postdoctoral program and conducts research on innovative business models for the circular economy. Daniela works at the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages (English and French sections) since 2016. Daniela was the beneficiary of a Fulbright research grant and was involved in research at Penn State University, the United States of America in 2018-2019. In addition to the academic activity, Daniela is an entrepreneur who promotes and develops innovative health projects for children. Daniela co-founded the first mobile dentistry clinics in Romania that serve disenfranchised children from Romanian villages and refugee children from Ukraine. For her groundbreaking work with the mobile dental clinics (MerciCharity project), she has received the State Department “Women of courage Award” from the US Embassy in Romania in 2018 as well as the “Innovation in Mobile Medicine – Anthony Vavasis” award, a recognition awarded by the Mobile Healthcare Association, USA.



Mr. Costas Theofylaktos, Chairman of Energy Efficiency Committee and Secretary-General, IENE, Greece

Is a USA trained Mechanical Engineer with an MSc from the University of Evansville, Indianna, and has 25 years experience in the energy sector. Constantinos’s special interests includes cogeneration and RES. He was, for many years, chairman of Greece’s Cogeneration Association and also member of the executive council of COGEN Europe. He has served as chairman and CEO of the Athens based Centre of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES).





Ioannis E. Dovelos, Business Area Manager, Asprofos Engineering, Greece

Ioannis E. Dovelos is currently Business Area Manager in Asprofos Engineering responsible for Development in N.E. Europe. Yannis is a Petroleum Engineer holding a Master in Drilling & Exploitation of Oil & Natural Gas Reserves form the Institute of Oil & Gas in Ploesti, Romania. He served in different positions such as Drilling Engineer in the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME), Geothermal Department for Low Enthalpy Geothermal fields (1984 – 1994) and well logging Engineer in Georesources Technology s.a. based in Kavala (1994 – 1996). He has been with Asprofos Engineering since 1996, first as a Hydrotesting Supervisor in Volos & Lavrio branches of High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline, and from 2003, as a Project Manager involved with oil&gas projects (Aspropyrgos and OKTA Refineries, EKO’s Storage and TL facilities in Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Cyprus, DIAXON BOPP film and cast film industrial plant in Komotini, NIS & INA refineries in Pancevo(Serbia) & Rijeka (Croatia), and other different industrial engineering projects in TITAN cement factories at Drepano, Achaia and Kamari, Viotias, as well as Elpedison Power Plants in Thessaloniki & Thisvi).



Raul Cazan, President 2Celsius, Romania

For more than a decade, Raul is researching EU’s policies in energy, transports, and climate. Currently he is working with the Brussels based Transport & Environment, European Environmental Bureau and Climate Action Network on issues related to transports, bioenergy and EU climate action. He published and researched for different entities in the EU and USA. Raul, educated in Law, also holds two master’s degrees in social sciences from the prestigious Central European University Budapest and University of Trento, Italy, encompassing research in environmental policies and media studies. For a few years he acted as an environmental consultant on energy and EHS (environment, health and safety) for consultancies such as ENHESA in Brussels or STC in San Francisco, CA. He recently co-authored a book on ecological connectivity in the EU that was published at Nomos, Germany.