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John Mearsheimer: NATO in the Age of Trump


Romania Energy Center in partnership with the Faculty of History and University of Bucharest have the pleasure to invite you to THE first lecture by the renowned American professor John J. Mearsheimer given at Bucharest University! One of the most important theorists of international relations of the 21st century, his ideas form the object of study in every handbook on international relations, a must-read for all political science students. His writing shapes theory, policy and public debate on many foreign policy aspects, and on October 31 he will be speaking at the Faculty of History on the future of NATO.

During these rocky times, the transatlantic relationship and, in particular the NATO alliance, is tested like never before. With an unconventional president in the White House, who is questioning the entire post World War II architecture created by the Unites States, America – the indispensable nation – is retreating from the role of primus inter pares and has embarked on its own America first foreign policy. The Trump administration seems to undermine and overtly attack the very system of alliances and institutions which have enhanced the US power for decades. What does that mean for the rest of the world? What does it mean for its closest allies? Has the liberal order reached its limits as an American global export good? What are NATO’s latecomer members to make of all this? This year marks 14 years of NATO membership for Romania, viewed as vital for its security and a much needed and irreplaceable counterweight to increased Russian aggression in the region. What is the future of NATO in the age of President Trump? Does the Trump administration represent a momentary aberration (in which case, allies have little choice but to weather it) or is it indicative of a deeper and radical shift in US foreign policy thinking? There is probably no one better positioned to explain this unprecedented moment in US foreign policy as prof. John Mearsheimer – a landmark name in security and international politics and the founder of the offensive realist strand in international relations.


GUEST SPEAKER: John J. Mearsheimer – R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago

TOPIC: The Future of NATO in the Age of Trump

FORMAT: academic lecture – university wide event


DATE: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

TIME: 4-6 pm

LOCATION: Nicolae Iorga Hall, Faculty of History, Bucharest University, Bd. Regina Elisabeta 4-12