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Energy transition in South East Europe

Romania Energy Center (ROEC) in partnership with the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE) invite you to a half-day conference on Energy transition in South East Europe: Policy and Investment Challenges. A Great Transition is underway, a process that is as much about efficiency, electricity and heat, clean transport, green cities or smart buildings, as it is about RES or EV deployment, coal phase out, and new nuclear projects. Europe has long been one a leader of this global effort. Within Europe, Northern Europe and the UK are driving this effort. In the last decade alone, the UK and Denmark have achieved the largest national reduction in coal use (switching 25% of their electricity supply from coal to gas and renewables). Germany has become a global leader in wind and solar power (ranking 1st for solar and 3rd for wind capacity installed per person). For Netherlands, a long-time gas producer, energy transition means moving away from natural gas in residential heating and cooking by 2050 (the ‘Green Deal’ for ‘gas-less neighborhoods’). When it comes to the electrification of transport (EVs), Norway is in a league of its own. South East Europe as a region, on the other hand, is lagging behind. Despite an excellent renewable energy potential (according to IRENA, the region has up to 740 GW of RES potential), the region’s wind energy (532 GW) and solar PV (120 GW) potential is largely untapped. Against this background, ROEC and IENE are joining forces to examine the latest developments which relate to Energy transition in the SEE region, with a focus on Romania and Greece, as well as issues such as obstacles, policy, role of natural gas and vision for a carbon-neutral economy in our region.

TOPIC: Energy transition in South East Europe


  • Global and European Energy Transition
  • Decarbonizing South East Europe: challenges, policies, markets, and infrastructure
  • Clean air – reducing CO2 emissions
  • Energy investments in SE Europe (Greece and Romania)
  • Energy transition in Europe: case studies and perspectives from other countries



  • Jan Christoph Nill (European Commission, DG Clima)
  • Costis Stambolis (Executive Director IENE)
  • Teodor Chirica (President FORATOM Europe)
  • Lars Gullev (CEO, VEKS & vice chairman of IEA Executive Committee for District Heating and Cooling, IEA ExCo DHC )
  • Eugenia Gusilov (Director ROEC)
  • Dimitris Mezartasoglou (Head of Research IENE)
  • Otilia Nutu (Energy expert, Expert Forum)
  • Emil Negut (COO, LNG Romania)
  • Andrei Covatariu (Institutional Affairs, Enel)
  • Costas Theofylaktos (IENE’s Secretary General and energy efficiency specialist)


EVENT AGENDA: download here


FORMAT: Half-day conference

DATE: October 16, 2019

TIME: 2-6 pm

LOCATION: EC Representation in Bucharest, Nicolae Titulescu conference room.


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1. Jan Christoph Nill Presentation

2. Lars Gullev Presentation

3. Costis Stambolis Presentation

4. Teodor Chirica Presentation

5. Recommended by Otilia Nutu

6. Costas Theofylaktos Presentation

7. Emil Negut Presentation

8. Dimitris Mezartasoglou Presentation

9. Andrei Covatariu Presentation